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The Winning Playbook with Chris Tawiah


Enjoy an inspiring and transformative session with Chris Tawiah, a distinguished professional basketball player turned entrepreneur. With a career spanning nearly a decade across Europe, the USA, and England, Chris has won multiple championships and individual awards. Now, he brings his wealth of experience to the business world, offering a unique perspective on leadership and success.


Chris’s journey from the basketball court to the business arena is a testament to adaptability and perseverance. As a seasoned athlete, he has honed skills that extend beyond sports, including strategic thinking, resilience, and effective communication. His transition into entrepreneurship, notably as the founder and director of Peterborough City Basketball Club, showcases his ability to lead and inspire in any field.


Key topics in Chris’s sessions include leadership and teamwork, goal setting and achievement, personal development, and creating a winning culture. He shares insights on what makes a leader exceptional, the importance of building effective teams, and how to set and pursue clear objectives. Chris also emphasizes the significance of personal integrity, continuous learning, and nurturing a positive environment to drive success and inspire others.


Throughout the session, Chris shares engaging stories from his basketball career and entrepreneurial ventures, illustrating the real-world application of the principles he discusses. The talk concludes with a Q&A session, allowing attendees to engage directly with Chris, ask questions, and gain personalised advice on their leadership journeys. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a true leader who has excelled both on and off the court.

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