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Corporate Engagement Visits


Unveiling the Essence of Leadership and Teamwork with Chris Tawiah


Embark on an enlightening corporate journey with Chris Tawiah, a seasoned professional basketball player whose illustrious career spans nearly a decade, competing across multiple European countries, USA, and of England. With a stellar track record boasting multiple championships and individual accolades, Chris seamlessly transitioned into entrepreneurship, bringing his unique blend of skills and experience to the business world.


Drawing from his extensive background, Chris offers invaluable insights into leadership, teamwork, goal setting, and personal development. With years of experience on various teams, each with distinct objectives and management styles, Chris has experienced firsthand what constitutes exceptional leadership and teamwork. As the founder and chairman of Peterborough City Basketball Club, one of the largest in the region, Chris exemplifies these principles daily, welcoming hundreds of children weekly to training sessions. 


During the visit, Chris delves into a range of topics, including skill development, character building, and creating a winning culture. Through engaging anecdotes and practical advice, attendees gain a deeper understanding of how to cultivate leadership, foster teamwork, and achieve success both on and off the court.

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