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Inspirational assemblies


These are a popular choice for schools/colleges, giving them a chance for Chris to speak to their students. Chris can talk to the whole school or specific year groups, either for the entire assembly or just part of it. The format can be flexible to suit the audience.


In these assemblies, Chris often shares his personal story. He talks about his experiences, challenges, and achievements, offering valuable life lessons and encouragement to the students. His story makes the message relatable and inspiring.


Chris’s story can also tie into themes chosen by the school, such as perseverance, teamwork, or respect. By connecting his journey to these themes, Chris can help reinforce important values and support the school’s educational goals.

 High Energy

Project Elevate is not about standing behind a lectern and delivering a monotonous speech. Our assemblies are packed with high energy, featuring music, spoken word poetry, humour, and an engaging delivery style that keeps everyone involved.



In our assemblies, students are encouraged to actively participate. They can ask and answer questions, join in call-and-response activities, share their thoughts, and feel genuinely included in the experience.


A Strong Message

We steer clear of vague messages like "Chase your dreams" or "Just believe and achieve." Instead, our principles focus on self-awareness, clarity of vision, and putting in the effort. 



Chris and our other speakers deliver our assemblies with a touch of humour, making them both entertaining and relevant to young audiences.

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