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"When writing the story of your life, don't let anyone else hold the pen" Chris Tawiah


Chris's remarkable journey as a professional basketball player over nearly a decade decorated with champions and accolades is a story of grit, resilience, and grabbing hold of opportunities. Growing up in England, Chris faced his fair share of academic hurdles, but his life took an incredible turn when he landed a basketball scholarship to a college in Iowa, USA. That chance not only allowed him to shine on the court but also sparked a profound personal and academic transformation. From underperforming in school to graduating with flying colours from Frank Phillips College in Texas and later earning his bachelors degree from Wiley University, Texas, Chris's journey is a testament to the reality of perseverance and overcoming challenges.


His story relates deeply with people, showing that with determination and persistence, anyone can rise above obstacles and reach for the stars. Chris's achievements on the basketball court, from winning championships to competing in major finals, showcase the rewards of hard work and unwavering commitment. Moreover, his experiences across the globe highlight the importance of embracing diversity and seizing every opportunity for growth.


For schools and colleges, Chris's journey underscores the vital importance of supporting students in chasing their dreams and fostering an environment where personal and academic growth can flourish. By nurturing resilience and ambition, educational institutions empower students to unlock their true potential and pursue their passions with conviction.


In the business world, Chris's story shines a light on the invaluable life skills cultivated through sports—such as teamwork, leadership, and discipline—that translate seamlessly into the workplace.


Ultimately, Chris's journey is a powerful reminder that no matter where we start in life, with perseverance, passion, and a willingness to seize opportunities, we can achieve extraordinary things. His story inspires us all to chase our dreams with courage, determination, and an unwavering belief in ourselves.

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